So, this weekend we took a last minute trip to the German capital because the world seemed gloomy and we needed a break. Luckily, I have friends from the city who were able to give me recommendations and Berlin is such a cool place anyway, we were pretty much guaranteed to have a good time.

Without many plans, and two days to kill, we wandered the streets, turning down any alley that took our fancy. We walked pretty much the full length of city, seeing old and new, east and west, and we loved every minute of it. 

Favorites: architecture, greenery, street art, quirky restaurants and cafes, the fact that people took their dogs into shops and let me pet them.

Least favorites: cold cold cold (-6 to be exact, although we did go in mid November so what can you expect), basically nowhere opens before 11 so don't bother getting up early, and we weren't able to get a direct flight, but I guess that's not Berlin's fault.  

It was the first place we've ever visited that my boyfriend agreed he'd actually like to live there. It was so pretty that I got caught up and forgot to take photos. My friend insists that the weather is better in the summer, so hopefully we'll be back to see it again. 

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