Exploring Bergen

At the end of October, me and my colleagues at Northport took a group trip to Bergen, Norway. The rural landscape and weather was not too different from Scotland, so it wasn't a huge shock to the system. One thing that did grab my attention was the colorful houses, they were everywhere, and I loved them! It was so lovely and uplifting to look around and see a blue house, red house, yellow house, black house, white house, all different, standing next to each other in a beautiful colourful row. We had planned to travel around more of Norway, to get to see a fjord or two, but weather and time constraints meant we ended up sticking pretty close to where we were staying near Lindås.

I loved the days we went into the city though, Bergen was beautiful, even in the rain. I felt so safe and comfortable and welcome, so I was more than happy to wander off on my own. We went up the Fløibanen, the Bergen funicular railway. I highly reccommend it. We went very early in the day so we missed most of the other tourists, thankfully. We went on a short hike and found the goats that hang out at the top of the mountain - I loved them!  The only downside to the trip, and I'm sure everyone who has ever been on holiday to Norway has said the same - It's very expensive. Everything is. We just stocked up at the supermarket so we didn't have to eat out too often so it was fine.  Overall I loved it. If I had the money I'd live there, in a lovely colourful house, and hang out with goats all day. A girl can dream.