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A story about fear, for the new year

For my 21st birthday, (a few years ago now) I saved up money to take me and my mum on a weekend away. We're both extremely anxious people but I wanted a holiday so we picked somewhere we thought was very safe, Paris. We researched the safest district in the city, we planned everything down to the letter to avoid us getting mugged or lost or anything else. I picked seats on the flight that were my lucky numbers, we specifically picked a place that was only an hour away (i'm a nervous flyer) and we were all set to go... Read More


Linn Falls

I'm trying to make the most of the weekends to practice different types of photography, and, lets be honest, get content for my instagram. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the best landscape photographer in the world. It's not something I've ever focused on, but living in such a beautiful country I think it's a shame not to take advantage of the environment around me, so I'm trying to get better. If nothing else it gets me out the house for a while! ... Read More




Exploring Bergen

At the end of October, me and my colleagues at Northport took a group trip to Bergen, Norway. The rural landscape and weather was not too different from Scotland, so it wasn't a huge shock to the system. One thing that did grab my attention was the colorful houses, they were everywhere, and I loved them! It was so lovely and uplifting to look around and see a blue house, red house, yellow house, black house, white house, all different, standing next to each other in a beautiful colourful row... Read More

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