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I love seeing animals but I’m also not a huge fan of zoos, so places like this where animals roam free but also peacefully coexist and even interact with humans is my idea of heaven… Read More


When I first arrived in Mexico City, this was one of the most frequently recommended places to visit. “It’s kind of like Mexico’s version of Venice” somebody told me. So that’s what I imagined: a calm, quiet, lazy-river-style experience. It’s not. It’s so much more than that… Read more.


I love travelling. More than almost anything else. The one thing that sets my soul on fire, is travelling. However, fortunately or unfortunately, I don’t always have people who share that feeling, who are able or willing to come with me. So I go alone... Read More

Wazuka is a small town, you’re probably not going to read about it in your guide book. But I hope, one day in the future, a lot more people will learn about and visit this beautiful village. I lived there for three months during my summer break at university, and it was one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever been…

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At the end of October, me and my colleagues at Northport took a group trip to Bergen, Norway. The rural landscape and weather was not too different from Scotland, so it wasn't a huge shock to the system. One thing that did grab my attention was the colorful houses, they were everywhere, and I loved them! It was so lovely and uplifting to look around and see a blue house, red house, yellow house, black house, white house, all different, standing next to each other in a beautiful colourful row... Read More


For my 21st birthday, (a few years ago now) I saved up money to take me and my mum on a weekend away. We're both extremely anxious people but I wanted a holiday so we picked somewhere we thought was very safe, Paris.... Read More

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